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ACEP Health Insurance

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Health Insurance Open Enrollment Is Here!

Is your insurance company leaving the marketplace?
Don't like what you already enrolled in?
Paying way too much?
Your Doctors and Hospitals are not in the network?
No ACA coverage in your area or limited choices?
Want to switch your plan now?

We have ALL the answers you are looking for!

• MORE options than any government site.
• PPO's available - more access to Doctors and Hospitals or go wherever you want in the US.
• Greater savings and more options.
• Lower deductibles and out of pocket costs.
• Enroll online in 10 minutes or less.
• Excellent customer service.
• ACA plans are also available (online only).

Major Medical Coverage Available Through ACEP

This Health Insurance Program can help provide members, their employees, and families with comprehensive major medical insurance coverage. The program is brought to you by HBI and administered by JLBG Health, the largest health insurance provider to Associations in the US.

Watch the series of short videos to learn more about popular Health Insurance topics today:

  •  Insurance IS still available after open enrollment.
  •  Why buy Group Insurance when Individual plans are less.
  •  What to do if they missed open enrollment.
  •  Types of plans available they might not be aware of.
  •  Quick guide to ACA individual and family plans.


Medical Coverage and Ancillary Benefits

  • Premium savings.
  • A wide variety of choices for coverage from HSAs to PPOs for members, their employees or family.
  • A shrinking deductible - a 20% deductible credit each year you do not meet your deductible.
  • 10% healthy member discount & preferred rates.
  • Optional free Health Savings Account.
  • Optional PPO or traditional health plan with extensive networks.
  • Plans with a $20, $25, $30 or $40 co-pay for doctor visits.
  • Wellness benefits and Prescription Drug Card.
  • Worldwide coverage, 24-hours a day.
  • Enhanced wellness benefits based on PPACA Guidelines effective September 23, 2010.
  • Tele-Express, phone application - no paper applications to complete.
  • Dental Insurance available with or without medical.
  • Vision Insurance available with or without medical.
  • Critical Illness coverage available that pays a cash benefit directly to you.
  • Disability coverage available up to 15,000 per month benefit.

Note: Features are subject to state availability and may not apply to all members.

To learn more about the options available to lower your health insurance costs and maintain comprehensive coverage, speak with an Assurant Affinity representative about health insurance or request a proposal. Toll free 800.411.8833

This Health Insurance Exchange is administered by JLBG Health and powered by Licensed agency NPN #1646681. Some members may not qualify for all products. To avoid ACA tax penalties on non ACA plans you will need to enroll in the approved Health Ministry.

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